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Angelika (Trakehner)
Angie is the unicorn of lesson horses. This girl does it all! Angie is quiet enough to teach the very beginner riders the ropes, but Athletic enough to be a fun challenge for the more advanced jumpers. We can't say enough wonderful things about this mare!

Slots (Paint)
Slots fit right in from day one. With a laid back attittude, Slots is a wonderful horse for our very beginning riders all the way through our experienced jumpers. Don't let his lazy demeanor at home fool you. When he gets to a horse show, he puts his game face on!

Manny (Thoroughbred)
A former eventer who then competed and succeeded nationally on the 'A' rated hunter circuit. This tb still has quite the talent, a wonderful rocking horse canter, and a beautiful trot to match. He can be a challenge for riders who's legs don't reach past the saddle and is reserved for more experienced riders. Manny's favorite past time is still attending horse shows.

Buddy (Morgan)
Buddy is about as happy as they come, and also a rider favorite. He loves his job teaching walk/trot through x-rail riders, and is known for his extremely smooth gaits. Ever the friendly horse, Buddy loves attention from everyone, and can sometimes be found trying to wander to the center of the arena to say hello to the instructor.

Rebel (OTTB)
Though the youngest of the group, Rebel seems to have a knack for looking after learning students.  On the ground Rebel is pretty playful. Her favorite pastime is pulling zippers. Rebel has a fantastic, athletic jump, and is sure to impress at horse shows!

Our School Horses

Gambler (OTTB)

Gambler is the newest addition to the program, but quickly becoming a student favorite.  He is kind, quite adorable, and loves to cuddle.  Bonus points to anyone who can read his race tattoo.  

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